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You’re Currently “In-The-Thick-Of-It”

But you don’t need to stay that way…We’ll help you get ahead.

The majority of Australians live deep In-The-Thick-Of-It. For these people, money rolls in and out like the waves and they work hard day-in and day-out looking for the next holiday or the next pain relief. Money limits what they can and can’t do. It largely dictates how they spend their time. For many of them, it is hard to imagine any other way life could be.

Some people call this the rat race but this isn’t as bleak as it sounds. Many people enjoy this lifestyle and learn to appreciate the good things they already have. It’s still possible to live a rewarding life in-the-thick-of-it, but its challenging and limiting.

It’s important to know that it is possible to work yourself out of the rat race and reduce the level of financial stress you face. Many entrepreneurs and successful investors began their lives like this, before breaking away, fuelled by the sheer frustration of being stuck in-the-thick-of it. Their frustration became their motivating for change, and neither age nor limitations stopped them. The great Colonel Sanders is an example of this, having been a working man all his life before starting his first KFC franchise at age 62!

Step 1: Where Are You Now?

Step one in moving ahead is knowing where you stand. See if you can identify which of the following characteristics relate to your situation.

Debt & Budgeting

Carry a mortgage and/or small personal debts

Earn just enough to cover their lifestyle expenses

Find it challenging to save money

Financial Stress

Feel a need to work hard just to get by

Feel stuck in the daily grind

Money often causes tension in relationships

Financial Security

Financial security is tied up in a job

Often is underinsured if something happens


Minimal savings

Unsure how to invest what they have


Feel disconnected from their Super

Likely own multiple super funds

Feel they’ll never retire comfortably

View of Financial Advice

Don’t understand how advice could help them

Believe advice would cost too much for them

Step 2: Where are you going?

Next, identify what you wish to change, and what just HAS to change. This will dictate what actions you plan to take.

In-The-Thick-Of-Its should focus on making regular savings and educating themselves on how to invest their money to create additional income. A workable budget and education on investments are the foundations of wealth creation are needed if they’re to break free from the rat race.

If this is you, you need to learn to “pay yourself first”. This principal was made famous by Robert Kiyosaki in his best-seller Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you put money aside the day you receive your pay, and don’t touch it, you’ll be forced to save. There’s just no way to overspend. For most people, this is the only way they’ll ever save (along with getting a mortgage, which forces them to pay off some of the loan along with the interest repayments).

In-The-Thick-Of-Its should aim to have approximately 3 months’ salary sitting in their emergency cash account. This provides a first layer of financial protection if something unexpected happens. Equally important is setting up your personal insurance – life insurance, disability insurance, income protection and trauma insurance, to protect lifestyle and family. And finally, they should get their superannuation sorted out. This means consolidating it all into one super fund with low fees, a tailored investment strategy and putting in place binding nominations.

Innovative Wealth Management assists people In-The-Thick-Of-It with their budget, their investments, their insurances and their superannuation. We develop and implement a strategy to help you work your way out of the rat race and improve your financial future.

Step 3: What are your next steps

Finally, once you know where you’re headed, you need to commit to specific actions which you are confident you will be able to follow through with.


  1. Draw up a budget to identify the cost of your lifestyle (needs and wants) and compare it with your after tax income (net income)
  2. Find out how much you can save each week, fortnight or month. You might need to reduce your planned expenditure if you can’t save enough
  3. Set up a regular automated transfer from your account to a savings account on the day you receive your pay (once a week/fortnight/month), before it can be spent. This will be your future investment account. It’s not for spending.


  1. Visit a financial planner who can educate you on how super works.
  2. Consolidate all of your super into one cost-effective fund
  3. Ensure you have the right investment strategy in place and have your fund set up with binding nominations and the right insurances


  1. Read books / listen to audiobooks like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Richest Man in Babylon” which educate your beliefs about money
  2. Visit a financial adviser who can explain to you what investment options are available to you and what type of investment strategy will work best for you

Financial Security

  1. Ensure you have approximately 3 months’ worth of income saved aside in cash for emergencies
  2. See a financial planner who can discuss with you what insurances you will need to protect yourself and your family. Work with them to put these in place

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